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Spiritual Life

As a Catholic community of scholars, we understand that the ultimate aim of our lives is union with God in Christ. Our intellectual mission as students, faculty and staff is embedded in this higher and deeper vocation. We therefore place the sacramental life of the Church at the very heart of our communal life, and commit ourselves to doing everything possible to deepen, strengthen, refine and increase our life of faith, as individuals and as a body of believers.

Campion College brings together students, faculty, and staff for prayer, worship, and learning. Campion also promotes the building of a genuine Christian community through a vibrant sacramental life.

This is accomplished in part by the availability of daily and Sunday Masses, and by regular opportunities for Confession. Through its various services and programs, Campion College strives to help students to integrate spiritual, academic, and personal growth.

The Chaplain of the College is a priest who has, as his primary responsibility, the pastoral care of the entire College community. He is available to help and support students in times of crisis or decision-making.

The Chaplain and other members of the Campion community reach out to students of all faiths to offer pastoral support and promote the full personal development of every student. Recognizing that the human community is interconnected, Campion offers members of the College community opportunities to work for social justice through reflection groups, prayer vigils, and direct volunteer service.