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November 7, 2003 Announcing a New Two-Year Catholic College


Come Meet the President and Admissions Director
and hear

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel C.F.R.

speak on

"The Future of Catholic Higher Education"


at Blessed Sacrament Church
1427 W. Braddock Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22302
map & driving directions

November 7, 2003 at 7:30 PM

For more information call: (202) 289-8775


April 22, 2002

Donation News

The Louise Davies Foundation has donated $25,000 to Campion College.


April 5, 2002

Sacred mysteries
by Christopher Howse

As Christians prepared for tomorrow's feast of Easter, their holiest day, a most unedifying scandal rumbled on in California. The strange thing is that it centres, not on some vile vice such as lust, but on the virtue of obedience.


March 22, 2002

A Jesuit's Jesuit
by John Mallon

Father Joseph Fessio, SJ, is not a child molester. He is not even a homosexual. If he were it's likely he wouldn't have run afoul of his superiors. What Father Fessio is is a great priest. He is a scholar, having earned his doctorate, along with his friend and classmate Christoph Schönborn, now Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna, under the direction of Professor Doctor Joseph Ratzinger, now Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatican.


March 22, 2002

The Hitchcock Column
by James Hitchcock

One version of "renewal" urges that the Church become as open as civil society. While the Church has official teachings, according to this view, it should tolerate a variety of positions, allowing its members the same freedom they enjoy as citizens. Those who are today considered dissenters, the argument goes, may be closer to the truth than those considered orthodox, and they may herald the official teachings of the future. A multiplicity of voices insures that every good idea gets a hearing.


March 21, 2002

California Political Review Online - Jesuitical Jesuits
by James Bemis

A terrible thing has happened to liberal education — it’s been taken over by liberals. Like everything else they touch, it’s become hideously corrupted. But that should not deter us from appreciating the aim of true liberal education: to perfect man’s rationality so that he might more ably pursue what is good, true, and beautiful.

To advance true liberal education, a brand new college was recently born. Campion College will open this fall as a two-year institution with an integrated liberal arts curriculum based on study of the great books. Campuses will be located in San Francisco and Washington, D. C. It is designed to prepare students to transfer to a four-year university and offers a single degree in Catholic Humanities.


March 20, 2002

National Catholic Register - Founder Barred at San Francisco College
by Tim Drake

SAN FRANCISCO - Just two weeks following the announcement by Ignatius Press of the creation of Campion College, Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio has been barred from having any role with the college. The Provincial of the Society of Jesus has reassigned him to be assistant chaplain for a hospital nearly 400 miles away.


March 13, 2002

National Review Online - Firing Fessio
by Stanley Kurtz

A long-running battle over the fate of the Saint Ignatius Institute, a small but influential great-books program at the University of San Francisco, is rapidly turning into a test of the survivability of traditional Catholicism in America — and of the admissibility of traditional religious belief to the academy.


March 13, 2002

The American Prowler - Jesuits Implode
by George Neumayr

The office for the Jesuit Province in California confirmed to TAP that Joseph Fessio, the prolific San Francisco Jesuit publisher of orthodox books and publications, has been ordered to leave San Francisco for a new assignment, effective in May, at an obscure Catholic hospital in Duarte, California. Fessio's banishment coincides with his recent announcement to start a traditional Catholic school called Campion College next door to the openly dissenting Jesuit University of San Francisco, a school which in recent years has advertised such pagan oddities as a "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Student Alliance."


March 12, 2002


SAN FRANCISCO - Father Joseph Fessio, the Jesuit priest who founded Ignatius Press, has been reassigned to serve as a chaplain in a hospital in Los Angeles.

Although Father Fessio will be allowed to continue his work as a director of Ignatius Press-- which is based in San Francisco-- he has been ordered under obedience not to play a role in Campion College, the new Catholic liberal-arts institution being founded by Ignatius Press.


March 11th, 2002

In University's Shadow, School Opens in Protest
by Tim Drake

SAN FRANCISCO - The controversy that rocked the University of San Francisco's St. Ignatius Institute last year took a new turn Feb. 28. That's when Ignatius Press announced the founding of Campion College - a new Catholic college in the mold of the former St. Ignatius Institute.


March 11, 2002

Campion College Planning 2nd Campus, in D.C., for Fall 2002

Campion College of Washington, D.C. is in the final stages of the application process in the District of Columbia, after which it will be able to announce formally the opening of its campus in Washington, D.C. The D.C. campus will be affiliated with Campion College of San Francisco and will have an identical curriculum and policies. Its president will be Robert Royal of the Faith and Reason Institute, and the Vice President for Student Services will be Dennis Bartlett, former Associate Director of the St. Ignatius Institute at the University of San Francisco.


March 1, 2002

More St. Ignatius Institute faculty commit to teaching courses at Campion College of San Francisco in Fall of 2002.

Richard Sonnenshein, Ph.D. Greek Literature & Culture
Raymond Dennehy, Ph.D. Ancient Philosophy
Ed Kaitz, Ph.D. (Cand.) Logic
Fr. Gregory Tatum, O.P., Ph.D. Old Testament
Stephen Cordova, Ph.D. (Cand.) Western Heritage
Michael Johnson, M.A. Writing Practicum
Kurt Glaubitz, M.A. Writing Practicum

February 28, 2002

U.S. Education Finance Corporation agrees to lend up to $8,000 per student for room & board expenses.

Henry Howard, the president of the U.S. Education Finance Corporation, has said that on the basis of Campion College's impressive curriculum, his knowledge of the profiles of St. Ignatius Institute students, and his confidence in the integrity of Ignatius Press, his bank will extend loans to all Campion Students up to the total amount needed to cover their room and board expenses.


February 28, 2002

Anonymous donor pledges $500,000 for scholarships to Campion College.

On the same day that the Campion College web site went live, we received an email from an anonymous donor who pledged $5000 per student in non-need based scholarship support, for up to 20 students per year over 5 years. We are grateful to the Lord and to this donor for this extraordinary, unsolicted, and unexpected gift. Apply now to take advantage of this scholarship.