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Writing Practicum I:



The correlate course is Greek Culture in the Ancient World, and at least some of the writing assignments will be closely associated with that seminar.


This course will develop basic writing skills. It will generate approximately 4,000 words of college-level prose (including revisions), with a minimum of three hours a week of out-of-class assignments. Students will write essays, one research paper, and other forms of expository writing. Individual conferences, as part of the instruction, will identify difficulties in the student's writing.

From this course, students will develop a competence in essay development by mastering basic mechanics such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence development and fluidity, paragraph development, precise diction, and other topics relevant to essay writing. They will also improve their ability to find and use research materials and to document these sources in accordance with a recent standard style sheet.

It is strongly recommended that the instructor make arrangements to take the students on a guided tour of a good library and its research facilities.


Possible sequence of topics:

  • Elements of the essay
  • Writing as process
  • Rhetorical strategies
  • Organization of information
  • Grammar and mechanics
  • Selected topics from the Greek Culture in the Ancient World seminar (e.g. chaos and cosmos, the gods and God, the hero, pride and honor, peace and war, the city)
Texts: Texts can vary. Examples of writing handbooks are Lynn Troyka, Handbook for Writers (Simon and Schuster), and Strunk and White, Elements of Style. The student will become familiar with research resources in a fine library, both printed and computer-based.