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Natural Science :



Three years of high school mathematics and science or permission of instructor.



The course examines three concepts of modern science:

1) Relationships of time and space in Einstein's relativity.
2) Intrinsic uncertainty as introduced by Heisenberg in quantum theory.
3) The controversy surrounding inference of design in nature.


Possible sequence of topics:

  • The Goals of Physics and the Limits of Science
  • Newtonian Mechanics - the deterministic universe
  • Energy and Entropy
  • Electromagnetism and Light
  • Special relativity
  • Wave-particle Duality
  • Darwinian Evolution
  • Systematic Complexity
  • Can A "Designer" be a part of science?
  • Arguments for and against "Design"


Nathan Spielberg and Bryon Anderson, Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe.
Erwin Schrodinger, What is Life
Thomas Glick and David Kohn, Charles Darwin on Evolution
Fred Alan Wolf, Taking the Quantum Leap
Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker
Michael Behe, Darwin's Black Box
William Dembski, Intelligent Design