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Church and Sacraments:



Old Testament, New Testament, Patristics, Revelation and Christology



This course attempts to cover two subjects in a systematic fashion: the Church and Her sacraments. In each case, it will offer a brief history of the material, a current text giving the current Catholic teaching, and a contemporary classic in the field. Special attention will be given, in the material on the Church, to our Lady, to the authority of the ordinary magisterium, its current work on ecumenism (e.g. Catholic-Lutheran accord on justification) and on inter-religious dialogue (e.g. Dominus Jesus and/or texts from Assisi praying for world peace). Special attention will be given, on the sacraments, to the divine liturgy in its diverse traditions (West and East) and in relation to the norms for it reverential celebration.


Possible sequence of topics:

1. The Church

A. Its History
  • Beginnings: The New Testament
  • Early Developments: Patriarchs, Councils
  • West and East: Tension and Schism
  • Reformation and Counter-Reformation
  • Vatican I and II, Ecumenis

B. A Systematic Presentation

  • Lumen Gentium (and relevant selections from Gaudium et Spes) o key texts from the CCC, Part I

C. A Theological Classic (see Texts, below)

2. The Sacraments

A. A Brief Review

  • In the New Testament
  • In historical development

B. A Systematic Presentation

  • relevant selections from Sacrosanctum Concilium
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part

C. A Theological Classic (see Texts, below)


Texts: Louis Bouyer, The Church of God
Raniero Cantalamessa, The Eucharist, Our Sanctification
The Catechism of the Catholic Church (selections from Part I and Part II)
Jean Corbon, The Wellspring of Worship
Henri De Lubac, The Splendor of the Church
Avery Dulles, A Church to Believe In
Hugo Rahner, Our Lady and the Church
Vatican II texts (see 1 B and 2 B)