Campion College Curriculum

(64 units; all course and seminars 3 units; writing practicum 1 unit; Seminars in italics.
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
Literature Seminars Greek Culture in the Ancient World Literature I: Rome-Early Renaissance Literature II: Late Renaissance through the 20th Century Great Texts of World Literature
Philosophy/Theology Seminars Ancient Philosophy Patristics Medieval Synthesis Modern Philosophy
Systematic Philosphy Logic Human Person Metaphysics Ethics
Systematic Theology Old Testament New Testament Revelation and Christology Church and Sacraments
General/"Electives" Western Heritage Music and Art Natural Science American Society and Culture
  Writing Practicum I (1 unit) Writing Practicum II (1 unit) Writing Practicum III (1 unit) Writing Practicum IV (1 unit)

Language Requirement: All students will be required to pass before graduation a reading proficiency test in a second language important for serious study of the Western Tradition (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, or Greek), or to have taken two college level courses in one of these languages.

Science and Business Majors Because of the sequential nature of prerequisite courses in these (and some other) majors, it is not possible to transfer from Campion College to a 4-year institution and complete requirements for the major in two additional years. However, this impediment can be overcome by one or both of the following means:

  1. Substituting for the “General” track of the Campion curriculum the necessary prerequisite courses in science or business, taken at accredited neighboring institutions.
  2. Taking the necessary courses during summer school at another institution.

Seminars: There will be at least two seminars per semester. However, depending on circumstances, a lecture course may occasionally be taught as a seminar and vice versa.