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We intend to ensure that Campion College substantially exceeds the standards for a two-year institution. We anticipate, therefore, that Campion College will more than satisfy the criteria of the accreditation process and will be accredited as soon as possible. The substantial nature of the Campion curriculum should enable graduates to complete graduation and major requirements in any of the Liberal Arts majors in a four-year institution into which they are accepted and their credits transferred.

However, since Campion cannot guarantee it will receive accreditation by June, 2004, we have entered into agreements with certain accredited universities whereby those universities will accept for transfer all of Campion's courses. Ave Maria University (with campuses in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; and San Marcos, Nicaragua)the College of St. Thomas More in Fr. Worth, Texas; and Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio have already entered into such agreements with Campion. The pontifical International Theological Institute in Gaming, Austria, has also agreed to accept all Campion's courses for transfer. (Campion students transferring to the ITI, whose courses are taught in English, could obtain a Master of Theology degree within three years.) Other universities are being contacted as well.

Finally, while Campion can make no guarantees (since it has no control over application policies and decisions at other institutions), we are committed to making every effort on behalf of our students so that they can transfer with full credit to the universities of their choice. We believe the excellent reputation of the founders of the St. Ignatius Institute, who are also the founders of Campion College, will both accelerate the normal accreditation process and motivate other institutions to accept our graduates with full credit. Moreover, prior to formal accreditation, most if not all Campion courses will be taught by professors who are concurrently teaching at, or emeriti from, accredited four-year institutions.